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The Enemy Within: How Reckless Politicking Jeopardizes The Future of Democratic Societies

“Democracy is the worst form of governance, except for all the others that have been tried.” Winston Churchill Imagine a society anchored on the will of the people but political maneuvering continually drowns out their voices and inhibits the ability of elected leaders to govern. This is the unfortunate reality of many democratic societies inContinue reading “The Enemy Within: How Reckless Politicking Jeopardizes The Future of Democratic Societies”


October 7th, 2022 will remain a date forever engrained in my memory. I graduated from law school on this day making me the first lawyer in my family and the second university graduate in its history. There were many such graduates on the day and there are many more in graduation squares all over theContinue reading “A GENERATION UNBURDENED.”

Breaking The Tragic Cycle: Reclaiming Ownership of Our Right To Vote

As the election draws near, campaigns intensify. Synonymous with these campaigns are hand outs, usually a couple of hundred shillings used to lure the public to campaign rallies to create the air of support for a candidate. Unfortunately, the electorate now expects these hand outs whenever they attend a campaign rally and thus pay littleContinue reading “Breaking The Tragic Cycle: Reclaiming Ownership of Our Right To Vote”


As the election nears I cannot help but feel disheartened by the prevailing political climate. Tribalism remains dominant in this electoral cycle as it has in previous cycles. Policy and national interest have predictably been overshadowed by the selfish interests of the so-called tribal kingpins.  The critical nature of the upcoming elections I fear isContinue reading A CRITICAL HOUR.

Our State, Our Responsibility, Our Future,

Kenya like all other nations in the world belongs to its citizens. The future of the Kenyan state therefore lies in the hands of Kenyans. The general election is less than a year away and the problems we face could not be more evident. The cost of living is increasing everyday and many Kenyans areContinue reading “Our State, Our Responsibility, Our Future,”


I made a promise.To the one who gave me my greatest gifts.On her death bed I promisedTo cherish and to protect our children. Those were the last words she heard. Words that reassured her of her children’s safety.They were denied the opportunity to know her.On their first day in this world, they were deprived.Deprived of her love,Continue reading “BROKEN PROMISES.”

The Fate Of The Republic: The Role Of Responsible Citizenship In Transforming The State

The preamble of the constitution of Kenya 2010 begins with the phrase ‘we the people’ and recognizes the aspirations of all Kenyans to a government based on the essential values of human rights, equality, freedom, democracy, social justice and the rule of law. The preamble gives the Kenyan people ownership of the constitution and ownershipContinue reading “The Fate Of The Republic: The Role Of Responsible Citizenship In Transforming The State”


I weep for the souls that departed in anguish,For the brave that were unable to feel.Numbed by life, they speak not of laughter, love or pain.Smiles wiped off their faces by expectation and the pressures of existence.Incapable of recognizing the small joys life throws their way,They shed no tear nor express gratitude. They put forthContinue reading “DARKNESS CONCEALED”


Army in blue,You swore to serve and to protect.Yet you’ve instilled paralyzing fear in those you swore to protect.You extort them,Make it impossible for them to provide.You arrest them,Not for any offence,But simply because you can.You discard of them as though they were trash with no value. You offend the very law you claim toContinue reading “THE ARMY IN BLUE”