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The Enemy Within: How Reckless Politicking Jeopardizes The Future of Democratic Societies

“Democracy is the worst form of governance, except for all the others that have been tried.” Winston Churchill Imagine a society anchored on the will of the people but political maneuvering continually drowns out their voices and inhibits the ability of elected leaders to govern. This is the unfortunate reality of many democratic societies in…


October 7th, 2022 will remain a date forever engrained in my memory. I graduated from law school on this day making me the first lawyer in my family and the second university graduate in its history. There were many such graduates on the day and there are many more in graduation squares all over the…

Breaking The Tragic Cycle: Reclaiming Ownership of Our Right To Vote

As the election draws near, campaigns intensify. Synonymous with these campaigns are hand outs, usually a couple of hundred shillings used to lure the public to campaign rallies to create the air of support for a candidate. Unfortunately, the electorate now expects these hand outs whenever they attend a campaign rally and thus pay little…